Hall of Fame

Noel Frosty Miller

Has been umpiring for over 42 years and been a mainstay in Townsville baseball from 93-2016, a fantastic achievement and valuable asset to baseball in Townsville. A lot of our senior players can remember having Frosty umpire us as a young child!

Frosty has umpired in the United States and will also umpire the Pan Pacific Masters this year and continues to travel to Victoria to umpire there as well.

One constant over the years has been frosty behind the plate and the game ending with “yibbida yibbida that’s the ball game “


Bob Pritchard

Bob Started with the White Sox in 1979 as a player and after a year or so became president of the club renaming it to the Rangers. From helping coaching, playing and volunteering with set up and canteen Bob had a hand in every aspect of the game. (Sounds a lot like the committee we have today)

Bob also became president of baseball Townsville for a number of years and helped continue junior and senior baseball here in Townsville. Without people like Bob to carry the load we would not have the luxury of being able to take the field every Sunday.

Craig Searle.

Craig joined baseball in Townsville around 15 years ago playing with the PCYC allstars and after a few years becoming the president of the club. After a few year he established the Indians baseball club which he held for 8 years.

Craig has held numerous roles on the BATT committee from treasurer to president and has been in the NQ association committee.

Craig’s volunteering was not just held to committee roles. Craig has coached NQ junior sides as assistant and head coach holding a level 4 in coaching. He also umpired as a level 1 umpire and worked in the canteen ground maintenance and scored. Ever so humble when asked about his contribution he said it couldn’t have been done without his family and the hours they have put in as well.

With out contributions like Craig’s we would have seen junior baseball in Townsville fade away completely. Thank you Craig.

Ed Jarvis

Ed was one of the Founding Members of Baseball in Townsville, starting from a men’s softball league in 1976 they branched off to a Baseball League in 1978, along with the Help of Bill Doyle, Keith Welsh and Glen Svendsen.

In 1979 they had grown the competition to 5 teams and 85 Players, and by 1980 they introduced a b grade competition with another 4 teams.

Ed is quick to share the praise when it comes to getting baseball started in Townsville. “As you have realized yourselves over the years, it takes many, many volunteers to make any Association a success. It’s not just one person and as in my case also, I was just one of a team. It was such an honour to have my name attached to the Premiership trophy and to be recognized again in such a fashion as a hall of fame inductee is truly humbling. I moved to Brisbane in 1983 and back home here to Toronto in 1985. To see how far the Townsville Association Baseball has come in 40 years is remarkable”.

Jere Schulte

Jeres involvement with baseball in Townsville began in 1980 when he was posted north to Townsville on transfer as a HPE Teacher, prior to this he had coached and played club baseball in Brisbane and coached high school teams.

He introduced baseball to the inter school fixture in Townsville in 1980 stimulating interest to play in the social grades.

With the 1989 Steelers coming to the league Jere help lead them to a semi final berth in their inaugural year and to an A grade championship the following year. They would win it again in 92.

Jere also had a big hand in developing junior baseball in the region with the establishment of the NQBA and TBA and Townsville Junior Baseball incorporating.

Jeres commitment to baseball has been acknowledged with the following awards

Jeres commitment to baseball has been acknowledged with the following awards

In 97 Queensland secondary School Baseball presented Jere with a lifetime achievement

In 99 BQ held its inaugural hall of fame naming Jere Coach of the year

In 2005 Jere was awarded life member or NQBA and the recipient of a Thuringowa council Australia Day sports administration award.

Tonight we would like to present him with yet another award for his outstanding contribution to baseball in honouring him to the hall of fame in baseball Townsville